Mobile Hearing Testing

Mobile Hearing Testing: Our ANSI Certified Audiometric tests are conducted in state of the art medical vans equipped with many engineering controls to reduce or eliminate outside noise. Each employee is given their hearing test in individual sound rooms which provide less employee distraction and more accurate hearing tests. State of the art audiometric equipment is used that allows the technician to compare the employee’s baseline to the current audiogram during the course of each hearing test. This allows for the most accurate examinations and less Standard Threshold Shifts.


With the choice of four Tractor Trailer Medical Vans or two 26ft Medical Trucks we have the right equipment to meet your testing needs.


    • IAC or Acoustic Systems sound booths allow for simultaneous testing of up to six employees in separate test chambers. The result is less employee distraction and a more accurate mobile hearing testing. We can test up to 36 employees/hr or much slower if that is all your production situation allows.
    • Individual hearing booths inside a separate room designed from the ground up to reduce outside noise distractions. We use Vinyl-loaded acoustic barrier in the floors and walls for improved sound characteristics. Use of studio foam on the interior walls combined with acoustic tiles in the ceiling result in an extremely quiet mobile lab environment.
    • Audiometers that allow the technician to view the progression of each employee test at the computer screen simultaneously.
    • Manual audiometers for testing special need employees.
    • Experienced CAOHC certified technicians.
    • Continuous monitoring of booth sound levels during exam.
    • We perform daily verifiable equipment calibrations.
    • Hearing Conservation Training meeting OSHA 1910.95 .
    • Hard copy results provided in 8 category 3-ring binder upon request.
    • All reports transmitted by encrypted email
    • Complete explanation of all hearing test results with professional review and analysis by a certified Audiologist.
    • Early determination of those with standard threshold shifts needing follow up.
    • Everything we do is in accordance with OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.95